Create an Amazon search web app in under 30 minutes using streamlit and APIs

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How to create Data Lineage mappings and verify by visualizing using networkx

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What we will cover

We all need good Data Lineage.


Identify the problems and make changes in 2021

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Why is there a concern?

Categorical Encoding, Target Leakage Identification, and Feature Importance are readily available as no-code capabilities.

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The Setup

Be sure your sentiment and text analytics is actually processing characters in your target language

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Random Pick: #10 chardet 3.0.4 The Universal Character Encoding Detector

What is it?

Be a workplace Hero! Automate the annoying task of cleaning up the spelling and formatting of categorical text columns with fuzzy matching.

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Cut your data prep time down, for no extra money spent

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…unless you share the details of its goal, design, testing, and metrics

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Provide me context

Getting Started

A walk-through of Data Profiling and Transformation tools

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Loading your data

My B.S. alarms went off before I read my first ‘Parley’..this startup is in trouble

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Growing Pains

Dawn Moyer

Data Enthusiast, fallible human. A data scientist with a background in both psychology and IT.

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